11 steps towards your internship abroad in Turkije - Istanboel!

How do we secure your internship in Turkije? Suppose you enroll now ... what would be the next steps? Below is an overview. Click on an item for info.

Step 1. You register

The first step. You apply for an internship in Turkije with this form via our website. When registering, please pay attention to stating clearly what you are looking for, so we can make a match that is fitting.

It is also advisable to mention that you are flexible and open to other proposals. This is especially important if your placement is urgency.

Stap 2. Feasibility Check and extra information

In this phase we review your documents (your resume, your current study, the start date, etc) to verify if your skill-set matches your requirements, check whether the start date is realistic or not and if the desired placement can be delivered in the country of your choice.

In this phase we’ll also ask for some additional information. This is to get a clear picture of the requirements set by your school.

Stap 3. Second opinion Turkije recruiters

We submit your file to our recruiters who will arange your placement in Turkije. If they confirm it will be possible to secure your internship in Turkije we are ready for the next step.

Stap 4. You pay a deposit

When we have assurance that we can place you, you pay a deposit, after which we start arranging the internship program.

After we have secured the internship you pay the rest of the placement fee. If for some reasons we can not deliver the program the deposit will be refunded.

Wij work on a No-Cure-No-Pay basis and the deposit is only to ensure that your request is serious.

Stap 5. We search for a suitable internship!

In this phase we will select companies that fit your profile and needs.

If there is a match we'll send your documentation to the HRM manager, after which we often engage in communicating with companies on your behalf and matching your request to asignments offered by companies.

Stap 6. You receive internship proposals!

During the placement process, we will send you e-mail invitations for interviews. So please check your email regularly and respond as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, there will be too much time lost between question and answer due to time differences. Furthermore responding promptly is often considered as an indication of how motivated and organised you are.

Stap 7. Follow-up tests and interviews!

Once a company is interested in your profile, there usually is a follow up interview. This will happen over the phone or via skype. The purpose of this interview can be to get more certainty about your skill set, how you would fit in the team or just to introduce them selves to you.

This is your moment to shine!! So make a ‘good first impression’ and try and make the most of it. Do some preparation by searching relevant info about the company via the web, do some interview rehearsals with friends, etc.

Stap 8. All involved parties confirm the assignment

After you receive the placement offer you consult with your school to make sure they aprove of the asignment.

If everything is ok we sent a confirmation to the company.

Stap 9. Additional services, housing, visa and a language course

Our primary service is securing internships, but we can assist you with some of the hazzle that comes along with it. Like arranging accommodation, visa and language training. Note that we won't be able to help you find accommodation last minute, as accommodation is very hard to find in some cities in Turkije, so plan ahead.

Stap 10. You receive a final invoice for our services

The last step in the process is that we sent you the final invoice for the services you have booked.

Ofcourse the deposit you have paid earlier will be deducted.

Stap 11. You’re all set to start your internship in Turkije!

After payment of the final invoice we give a confirmation to all parties involved and you're all set, ready to go!

Off to Turkije!

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