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Internships in Turkey or available in Istanbul and Ankara. General information about life in Turkey and Istanbul and the best attractions in the cities are listed here.

Internships in Istanbul

  • Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. It is a true metropolis and it has something to offer to every visitor. From the many shops, entertainment venues, museums, bazaars to the historic sites. For the shoppers, Istanbul is a true paradise. The city is full of small shops where you can find the typical Oriental atmosphere. Istanbul is an international city. The official language is Turkish, but in the tourist areas English and German are spoken.

    Doing an internship in Istanbul is an excellent way to add an extra dimension to your studies or graduation. Business wise Istanbul is a vibrant location. It is the only city in the world situated in two continents and is as such positioned very strategically. Because Turkey is a stable country and you can rely on the law and regulations, many international companies have chosen Istanbul as a base to do business in the surrounding region. An opportunity for you as an intern!

  • Short facts about Istanbul
    • Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey
    • Location: In the north-west of Turkey
    • Population: 13.5 million
    • Istanbul is the only city located in two continents. Europe and Asia.
    • Istanbul is a modern city where you can easily feel at home
    • Istanbul is full of culture and tradition, which makes it even more interesting
    • The Turkish cuisine is an interesting adventure and comes in many shapes and sizes
    • Life in Istanbul is relatively inexpensive
    • Istanbul is one big shopping bazaar bonanza and nightlife is keleurrijk
    • Currency: Turkish Lira. You use the ATM
    • Language: Turkish. Many Turks speak English and one or more other languages​​.

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