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Qatar is a country full of glitter and glamour, rich beyond human comprehension. According to the IMF it is the richest country in the world. In Qatar, the money keeps flowing in, blessed as it is with huge oil and gas reserves. Although the Qataris don't have to break up a sweat to make a living, they want to do more than just chill and drink tea all day in their spotless white robes. The Qataris want to be less dependent on oil and in order to get there they make monstrous investments in Qatar and abroad. To achieve their goals they let their petro-dollars flow generously. From automobile manufacturers with well known brand names to air crafts, new offshore islands, large international companies, football clubs, etc. . . They are buying and building everything and everywhere.

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While Qatar was formerly a barren place with nothing but sand, today it is a fascinating place with all attractions and sights you can imagine. Whether it comes to traditional souks, mega shopping malls, cinemas, wintersport in the desert, etc, anything you can think of is there. And if it is not, they are buying it or building it. Qatar is no longer satisfied with being the richest country in the world. It wants to put itself on the map and ass money is no issue they don't care about the price. Big football clubs like Barcelona, Manchester and Paris are used as primary marketing tools. The slam dunk however was winning the bid for the football World Cup in 2020. Qatar is determined to make this event a great promotional success and they work hard to build the necessary infrastructure and services. To do all the work foreign companies, expatriates and interns are hired. As such 80% of the population consists of foreign workers. If you 're adventurous, want to make bug steps business wise and are intrigued by this ambitious economic power house, then an internship in Qatar is the thing for you!

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