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One of the most interesting countries in North Africa, Morocco is full of history, culture and hospitality. With ancient trade routes, intriguing cities and dramatic mountain scenery, this is a country that is fascinating to get to know. There are medinas full of talented artisans and craftsmen, cuisine that is world renowned, and a spectacular beach coastline that is just a short journey from mainland Europe, Spain to be exact. Come and see developing cosmopolitan cities that manage to integrate traditional souks and Kasbahs, and the cultural uniqueness of the Berbers. Mesmerizing cities that combine modern with the historic aspects of the country. Morocco encompasses desert, sea and mountains, and is a major tourist destination all year round. Why not come and see this colourful and welcoming nation for yourself.

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Morocco has a variety of growth industries and opportunities for interns. Especially tourism & hospitality are major job motor as Morocco has sunny weather, beautiful beaches and all other pleasantries todays travellers crave for. In many cities boutique hotels and riads are popping up all the time. With a population of 33 million there are a lot of domestic opportunities for business minded interns. Because of the strategic location of Morocco is also a hub to Africa, which brings along possibilities for International trade interns. Other promising areas are the phosphate, automobile, ICT, agricultural and manufacturing sectors. If you like languages Morocco is also an ideal internship environment. The official language is Arabic and Berber, but because of historic ties, the education system and media, English, French and Spanish are widely spoken. In the typical Moroccan office French is often spoken, so an internship in Morocco is a good way to practise your French.

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