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In Morocco we can help you find an Internship in Casablanca, Internship in Marrakech or Internship in Al-Hoceima. More info about Casablanca is listed below.

Internships in Casablanca

  • Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco and has it’s name linked to a very famous movie. Casablanca has a romantic, maritime and commercial atmosphere to it. Though Rabat is the administrative capital, Casablanca is where it happens in Morocco.

    Being very modern and sophisticated compared to smaller cities in Morocco, the city offers fascinating history attractions, cuisine and opportunities for sight seeing. It is also known for it’s trendsetting chic fashion houses and traditional boutiques and bazaars. As for nightlife Casablanca is perhaps the liveliest city in the hemisphere with enough bars, clubs and venues to keep you thumping for days.

    Massive internship opportunities in Casablanca

    Casablanca is the main entry point to Africa, because it is strategically located at the shores of North Africa. It has one of the largest ports in North Africa, filled with export and International trade companies and has been an essential trading route across continents for centuries.

    Not only is Casablanca an important trading centre between Africa and Europe, with a population of 3.631.061 people the domestic market is also a bustling economic arena. Numerous international businesses are present in this dominant commercial center in Morocco. Tourism is flourishing, as the beautiful beaches and the vibrancy of the city, make it a major destination for numerous cruise ships. These economic dynamics offer tremendous opportunities for internships that will definitely look good on any resume.

    Doing an Internship in Casablanca is an excellent way to learn something new and to add an extra dimension to your studies or graduation.

  • Short facts about Casablanca
    • Barcelona is the capital of the province of Barcelona
    • Location: Northeast Spain
    • Summers are hot and winters are mild
    • Population: 1.5 million
    • Barcelona is Spain's main city port
    • The local football club is perhaps the most important export product of the city
    • Barcelona has a good metro network
    • Currency: Euro
    • Language: Spanish and Catalan

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