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Do you love nature and adventure? Then you might want to do an internship in Kenya. In Kenya you can enjoy diverse landscapes and you stand face to face with beautiful wild animals in their natural habitat. Take a jeep safari across the country, meet the friendly locals and experience the traditional cultures and customs of the Masai tribe. Kenya is a great country if you want to do an internship abroad and want to expand your boundaries.

Why opt for an internship in Kenia?

Everyone has their own reason to do an internship abroad, varying from learning new skills, have fun, travel, etc. Many students opt for an internship in Kenya because they realize how blessed they are in material sense and want to do something for others who are less fortunate. Another reasons interns choose Kenya is often because they want to experience living life the simple way. By doing an internship in Kenya, you will get the chance to make a difference in the lives of others, which can make your internship abroad a rewarding experience in all aspects.

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The info above may sound nice alright, but practical aspects, like finding an internship in Kenya and setting it all up isn't easy at times. The good news is that we can help you. See how it works!

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