Internships in Rome!

Internships in Italy or available in Rome. General information about life in Rome and the best attractions are listed here.

Internships in Rome

  • Rome, the "Eternal City", the "First City", the city of the seven hills, the city of La Dolce Vita, the city of fountains and the Vatican. It is the capital of Italy and many believe all roads lead to it. As a center of Christianity, you will find many beautiful ancient churches, with the St. Peter as the best known. Just go out for a stroll and you will see it all.

    Rome is the city of fashion and style! Rome is the perfect city for luxury leather goods, such as shoes and bags. Known fashion houses, like Valentino and Prada are widely present. And if you can’t afford it, just go window shopping. You will get great ideas after which you can hunt for bargains at one of the many street markets. All in all, if you love shopping, Rome is the place for you. Rome is also a city with a vibrant nightlife. In the many bars, clubs and discos you can party all night long.

    Doing an internship in Rome is an excellent way to learn Italian and add an extra dimension to your studies or graduation.

  • Short facts about Rome
    • Rome is the capital of Italy and of the province Romecity.
    • Location: In the west of Italy
    • Population: 2.5 million
    • The Vatican City in Rome is a separate state with its own government, laws, police, etc
    • The first shopping center ever was built in Rome around 100-110 NC
    • The 8th month is renamed to August in honour of the Roman emperorr
    • Currency: Euro
    • Language: Italian

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