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In India we can help you find an internship in Mumbai, internship in New Delhi and we can also organize an internship in Pune (close to Mumbai), Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pondichéry en Chennai for you. It is impossible to address all these cities in great detail, so we wil shortly touch on the largest cities of India, Mumbai and New-Delhi.

Internship in Mumbai

  • Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is where it happens. Mumbay has a population of 12,5 million! A more densely populated city is hard to find on the earth.

    Mumbai is commercial and entertainment wise is to be seen as the capital of India. It is also the most prosperous city of India. India was formerly known as the "tailor" of the world, but 25 years ago they made the shift to become a supplier of knowlegdge work for the west. Today there is a vibrant economic scene with innovative companies active in the IT and other business services that are doing work for big Western enterprises. These business dynamics and opportunities work as a magnet for people from all over the world.

  • Short facts about Mumbai
    • Mumbai is the biggest and richest city in India
    • Population: 12.5 million
    • In Mumbai you see millionaires retreats right next to slums (shanti's)
    • Location: on the west coast of India
    • The film industry of India (Bollywood) is located in Mombai
    • Because of the busy traffic walking / cycling is often the quickest form of transportation
    • Mumbai is known for its many festivals, sometimes with more than a million people on the street
    • Travel time by plain: about 9 hours from central Netherlands
    • Currency: Rupee. You can use the ATM
    • Language: English and Hindi

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