Internships in Londen!

Internships in England or available in London. General information about life in London and the best attractions are listed here.

Internships in Londen

  • London is one of the most popular cities in the world, with many sights, museums, parks, a sizzling nightlife and much more. Many investment banks and other multinationals hold office there, and the city is a hub for career tigers who are looking to become rich sceeming after the huge salaries and fat bonuses. Furthermore london has some prestigious universities and big companies that attract many international students to study or do an internship every year!

    Want to get to know London better than the average tourist? Want to explore the city beyond the typical touristy parts Oxford street, Picadilly, Big Ben and such? see more than Then choose an internship in London and enjoy the vibrant student life of this city. Whether it comes to shopping, nightlife, culture ... just name it and London has it. Special tip for students on a budget: avoid the posh areas and kbe mindful of the of the many local pubs that stunt with "happy hours" daily.

    Doing an internship in London is an excellent way to improve your English, master that beautifull British accent and add an extra dimension to your study or graduation.

  • Short facts about London
    • Londin is the capital and the biggest city of the UK
    • Location: South East England
    • Population: 7.1 million
    • London is a multi-cultural city. There are 250 languages ​​spoken.
    • London was the first city with a "tube" or underground train network
    • The metro network is excellent to this day
    • RTraveltime from Holland by plane: ca. 2 hours
    • Currency: Pound Sterling.
    • Language: English

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