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Doing an internship in Dubai equals an experience in an emirate without borders, where money is no object. It is a modern country that is developing in rapid pace. Large and luxurious hotels, resorts, shopping centers, office complexes are build non stop. Due to the free trade zone and the favorable tax climate, Dubai has a great attraction to large multinational companies. Because there was so much work and everything needed to be established at once had, expats were flown in daily. The pay checks were fat, the ambitions were limitless, the money resources seemed infinite and many people became rich quick, which attracted even more adventurers.

New internship opportunities after the crisis in Dubai

Dubai needed some time to regroup, because the country was hit hard by the crisis. its not like the good old boom days of building one mega project after another may come back one day, but Dubai is back on its feet. A lot of air left the economy and we don't know if the golden "get rich quick" years will return, but one thing is for sure ... doing an internship in Dubai is a unique and inspiring experience as you can see from up close what man can achieve if there is enough ambition, creativity and imagination.

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The info above may sound nice alright, but practical aspects, like finding an internship in Dubai and setting it all up isn't easy at times. The good news is that we can help you. See how it works!

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